Girl, Where Is Your Self-Respect?

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

It really appears that this is such a dent in our society today. Self-respect is the baby of Self-worth and Self-esteem. It's when we finally see self-worth and self-esteem in action. It is all in how we treat ourselves, and how we treat ourselves can lead to how others treat us. You won't show much respect for yourself if you don't know what you are worth. As I said before in the previous lesson, it will be easy for others to demean you. 

We don't all live by the same morals and standards, so another person's self-respect can look very different from our own. It's like a little package made up of morals, standards, ethics, learned behaviors and influences. Take for instance some of the people we come across today...young girls walking in the mall half-dressed, a woman in an abusive relationship, women who call each other out of their given names, women who will do whatever it takes to find love...these are all learned and established over time, underneath the surface of what we see.

Sis, do you have a healthy level of self-respect? I'm gonna tell you a snippet of my story when I lacked it greatly...

"In high school...I wouldn't dare let a dude verbally disrespect me, but I did let them disrespect me physically; not abusively, sexually. High school was where I was victim to much sexual harassment. They would touch me or rub me the wrong way and I'd just pretend it wasn't happening or smile and turn away. Sometimes I'd hit them playfully, knowing deep inside I was tortured. I wasn't very serious about enforcing boundaries. I mean, if they liked me for it, why not let them? I had a big problem with my worth and esteem back then which led to my lack in self-respect. If I were healthy, I would have turned them in and enforced the proper boundaries that a man should respect regarding me!"

I want to talk to your heart sis, can you increase your level of respect? It hurts us so much not to have a high standard for ourselves. Not that we should shun the world, but protect the purity and health of our souls. We are so contaminated and tainted by this world! And you know what? I am so blessed that I learned how special I really am to my Creator. Like the woman at the well, (John 4), He knew everything I went through and everything I had ever done. He knew how dry and empty my well was, which led to a path of self-destruction. Guess what sis, He filled every leaking hole, every void in my broken heart and contrite spirit with His living water that never will run dry inside of me. Even today, He is still sealing the crevices that appear along the way. Won't you let Jesus set you free too? Take a drink from His well, and all will be well within you. 

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