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Christian Body Image Coaching Program

We are on a mission to help Christian women detox from the world's standard of beauty and coach them toward living by God's design for their life and body. Our coaching program is an extension of our free course, In His Image, designed to go more in-depth into the topics covered to help you achieve "Godfidence" and a plan for pursuing your divine destiny. 

This is for you if:

You're tired of fitting in to society's standards of beauty & want to be content with who you are & how God made you

You're exhausted with allowing other's opinions of you to change how you feel

You're tired of living for the applause of others while neglecting God's will for your life

You want to embrace modesty but you still have that HOT GIRL in you 🤪


Our Coaching Method

Our coaching method is first biblical and practical with a holistic approach to help you achieve a positive body image and healthy self-esteem. Biblical means we use the word of God as a foundation, and holistic means we review different aspects of your life as a whole: mental, physical, social, and spiritual. 

In His Image Extensive Program

Spend 26 weeks (6 months) with me coaching you toward your goal of becoming the woman God desires for you to be. If you're struggling in multiple areas of life, we will spend 5 weeks on each area until the 6 months are completed. Become a woman who is body confident, develop an actionable plan for your calling, overcome feelings of low self-worth, and grow in the Word of God. 

This is for you if: 

  • you're tired of living for everyone's opinion of you

  • you're fed up with living for "hot girl summers"

  • you're ready to give God your all

  • you want to see your body as the temple God created

  • you're struggling in your relationship with God

  • social media has gotten the best of you

This can be done with a parent or legal guardian if 18 and under. There will be progress work and video content to accommodate our sessions.

In His Image Coaching Package

Join me for 15 weeks (3 months) of coaching on specific areas you're struggling with in body image and self-esteem. These coaching sessions are highly targeted on specific things you're facing now and I will give you practical methods to overcome your mental battles. 

This is for you if:

  • you can't seem to get over your poor mentality about your body and self-worth

  • you're having trouble meeting your goals and expectations

  • you were previously diagnosed and treated for Body Dysmorphic Disorder and need help maintaining healthy habits

  • you want to grow into God's perspective of who you are and what you're here to do 

  • you've been a people-pleaser all your life


Recommended for ages 26 - 45. This is for you if everything else is fine however there's this one thing you can't shake. I'd love to help you!

Coaching Topics

  1. Your mindset and beliefs about who you are and your relationship with God

  2. Your social environment and influences including media consumption

  3. Your physical regimes: eating, exercise, expressions

  4. Your self-esteem and personal values

  5. Your divine calling & developing an action plan to start walking in it

Coaching Structure

  • We will conduct our sessions via phone or video

  • Sessions are once a week on the day and time that works for both of us

  • You will guide each session based on your present needs and together we will set goals & a course of action

  • There will be 'progress work' to study and complete before the next session. 

More Info

Timeline: These programs are a commitment of 3 - 6 months with 1 session scheduled each week

Style: These are 1 on 1 sessions and can also be done with a parent

Extras: There will be 'Progress work' to complete between sessions

Payment: Payment plans are available!

Minors: If you are 17 and younger, we require your parent to be available to speak during your free consultation.

Disclaimer: Body Image Coaches are not authorized to treat mental illnesses like body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, depression, and the like. You are welcome to have both a coach and a counselor. If you think you have a mental illness and you're seeking help, please refer to a mental health professional. If you are considering suicide, please call 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Prevention Hotline.


Schedule your free consultation to see how coaching works and how this can benefit your life!

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