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Self-Esteem & Body Image Trends

Self-esteem and body image have been the topic of discussion over the past few years as studies show a rise of mental illnesses associated with self-perception and appearance. Below are the current data trends of self-esteem and body image and its affect on our society. 

The most popular plastic surgery procedure in the USA is breast augmentation.

The fastest growing procedure in the USA is the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Increased social media usage can increase the likelihood of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Stats

Body Image Stats


of adults feel pressured to have a certain body type


of 13 year old American girls aren't happy with their bodies


of teen girls have been shamed for the way their bodies look


of women compare themselves to images on social media

Self-Esteem Stats


Low self-esteem is linked to teen pregnancy. - PositivePsychology

Feel they aren't good enough in looks, relationships, academics... -

With low self-esteem engage in negative activities. - DoSomething.Org



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Graven Images: Worshiping the Idol of "Perfect Beauty"
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