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The Modest Movement was founded in the summer of 2015. I kept feeling these promptings from the Holy Spirit telling me, "Modesty is beauty." I had no idea what it meant. I believed it, as I was raised to be modest...but I didn't know it would become something bigger than my own experience. I was sitting alone in my room one night, during a very difficult separation in my previous marriage, and as I grabbed my notebook God began to download into my heart this ministry. I wrote down everything that came to mind, looked it over in amazement, and turned that page for almost two years. I knew I wasn't ready. 

This ministry is more than clothing choices, it's about the core of the woman, where her heart is, and what she believes about God and herself. I suffered many years with low self-esteem and body image issues due to the lack of parental connection growing up and negative media influences. I hope to introduce Jesus Christ to heartbroken women, He is the Source and Healer of our scars. was launched in early 2024 as a tool to share the Good News and the healing power of Jesus Christ. 

To help combat the body image and low self-esteem epidemic, I became a Certified Christian Body Image & Self-Esteem Coach through The Character and Self-Esteem Institute; an internationally accredited training program. Please visit my socials to learn more about me!

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