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Clearing Out Your Spiritual Hard-Drive

I wonder how I would show up in the world if I had more Word in me instead of Beyonce, Rihanna, and hot girl summer culture. That's really what I hope to share with women, I'm stripping off and removing the standards of beauty that social media has put out there to accept God's truth of what beauty really is.

I’m Synquette, and it’s my desire that all God’s prodigal daughters come back home and sit at the feet of Jesus, to restore their identity that society, pop culture, music, and social media stole from them. Overall I just want all young women to always see themselves as God sees them: fearfully and wonderfully made and to be content in whatever state they find themselves in: whether single, married, small, tall or everything in between, whether their face is “beat” or “bare face”. I just want every woman to live a life free from insecurity, rejection, fear, doubt, and unbelief so they can embrace their God-given identity.

As we accept God’s love for us and adapt a Kingdom mindset, we understand that in many ways, we gain more by doing less. The more we drown out the noise of all those “get skinny in 10 days with this tea” ads that bombard us when scrolling our timelines, the less insecure we feel and the more we can embrace God’s idea of womanhood and beauty. The less of the world we want to hold onto and the more we give up the cares of this world, the more God can step in and supply all our needs.

No more toiling for the affection of men or seeking the approval of others, your job now is to investigate the mirror which is God’s Word to truly see how beautiful you are and how wonderfully He created you. That is why it is my desire to see every woman that God has created, live in God’s best. I want every woman to live a life filled with God’s glory, grace, favor, and honor. I want every woman to live a life free from insecurity, rejection, fear, doubt, and unbelief. I imagine a life where you, I, our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends all live a life of true royalty. A life where we lean not to our own understanding but trust and know that our Heavenly Father, which art in heaven (Matthew 6:9 KJV), King and Ruler of everything, supplies all our needs, wants, and desires. He is truly our source for everything.

I’m on a mission to shake up every prodigal daughter with the truth of God’s Word until she comes to herself and no longer feels she isn’t good enough or measures up to society and pop culture norms. I don’t ever want any daughter of God to ever think there is something wrong with the way God created her. I want every woman to know that her Father which art in heaven, can give her more than a guy who won’t commit or sends basic “Good morning beautiful,” and “Can I come thru?” texts.

I wrote this book because I know the young women who feel they can’t do better than the last guy who cheated on them. I wrote this book for the young women who don’t think they are worth a lifelong commitment in marriage. I wrote this book for the young women who feel they aren’t pretty unless they wear makeup and Fashion Nova outfits, or have a figure like Kim K and Kylie Jenner. This is NO way for a daughter of God to feel or go about living their life.

I wrote this book so every young woman can take the steps necessary to erase, dislodge, and permanently remove every mindset and belief that hinders many from seeing themselves as God sees them.

With my book, The Master Reset - A Girl's Ultimate Guide to Clearing Up Space on Her Spiritual Hard Drive, I hope that as I share my story it helps women go after God's best with no reservations because for so long I've allowed society to label me and never quite knew my own identity. But it wasn't until I saw my younger sisters following in my footsteps that I was able to see the errors in my ways. That's when I literally prayed and asked God to open their eyes and I asked God to show my sisters their beauty, worth, and value and how He could give them the desires of their heart. If only they would obey and trust Him, (I go into depth about this in Chapter 2 of my book) but little did I know, through that prayer God would open my eyes to see me, and to see that it was I who didn't truly believe or trust God as I proclaimed, that I didn't know my true beauty or value because if I did I wouldn't look for love and acceptance in all the wrong places (trying to fit in and using relationships for validation) and I wouldn't listen to music that promoted fornication and overt sexuality and that became the inspiration behind the book. I realized that all the while I was trying to get the speck out of someone else's eye that God wanted me to remove the mote out of my own, and that's what I set out on a journey to do, evaluating areas of my life that weren't quite aligned with God's Word or His Will for my life and removing all those beliefs that kept me from receiving His best.

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Synquette Wilks Author of The Master Reset


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