Welcome to The Modest Movement Ministry

I'm Jasmine C. Garner

Actress, Model, and Evangelist

How It All Started.

The Modest Movement was founded in the summer of 2015. I kept feeling these promptings from the Holy Spirit telling me, "Modesty is beauty." I had no idea what it meant. I believed it, as I was raised to be modest...but I didn't know it would become something bigger than myself. I was sitting alone in my room one night, during a very difficult separation in my previous marriage, as I grabbed my notebook God began to download into my heart this ministry. I wrote down everything that came to mind, I looked it over in amazement and turned that page for almost two years. I knew I wasn't ready. 

The Modest Movement eventually was launched January 2017. It's more than just about what clothes a woman is wearing, it's about why she wears it. It's about how she sees herself and what she believes. God is concerned about every heart and its motive. This generation needs to be reminded that they are loved, made in the very image of a HOLY GOD, and are created for a purpose. We have let the media destroy our image and entice us to conform to the world's view of beauty. Somewhere in history, women have forgotten the God who has hand-crafted them in His very image, fearfully and wonderfully made, for His purposes. 

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