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Give Me More!!

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

We live in a culture that is always wanting more. More money, more clothes, more food, more convenience, more views, more shares, likes and follows. 🙄 It is true that we live in the "Media and Information Age", so there's more to be had and discovered.

Us women in particular crave more. More recognition, more attention, more shopping, more selfies, more makeup...and maybe it's because we never really had the freedom that we have now. There's nothing wrong with wanting more. In fact, I want more money, more time, and I also want more living space. 😅

It has been scientifically proven that when our bodies crave a certain food, that we are lacking an essential vitamin or mineral. For instance, have you ever heard someone say that if you crave ice, you are most likely lacking iron? I'm still trying to figure out why ice though? But whatev's, there's a lot we won't understand about or bodies or life in general. But if anyone knows God, I can say this, many things that happen physically have a direct correlation to the spiritual.

Think about this, when we crave a certain food, what do we naturally do? GO GET IT! Duuh! But here's the issue with that, it may be the total opposite of what your body needs, in turn, the craving gets worse. You just keep right on eating until this food or substance becomes your new favorite snack, filling a need that you think will help. Dang girl, how many bags have you had already? And your craving STILL isn't satisfied?

I'm saying all of this because, that "more" feeling could be what's happening to you spiritually. Somewhere in your soul, there is a void, and you probably think you need more clothes, sex, and vacation. New boyfriends, new ventures, more makeup, new clothes. And this feeling never seems to go away but you continue to medicate with more things and people. Suddenly, you become a hoarder of things and have a contact list full of names you can't remember. Sure you can have a yard sale and take a hike...but when you're done, it's unsettling!

Let's satisfy this craving! 😋

You've probably heard it before, but you were made for something greater than the physical world. Your heart was made for Heaven and it naturally refuses to settle for less, which is why we crave and desire different things. God says, "I have placed eternity in your heart, a sense of divine purpose, a mysterious longing which nothing under the sun can satisfy, but ME." - Ecclesiastes 3:11. Nothing on Earth can truly satisfy the cravings we feel inside our soul.

Question: "But how do I get God? People have said so many things, I don't know what to believe."

Answer: If you truly want Him, don't go searching Google or Youtube for answers. It's scary what you will find. But I encourage you to simply look up to the sky or close your eyes and genuinely say, "God, I want to know You. I feel like something is missing even after all of my striving and searching. I believe this missing piece might be You. If you are real, show me, because I want and need to know for me. I'm tired. Forgive me for not looking for You and for living my life without You. I want to know You and Jesus. Amen."

Sis, the thirst is real.

If you genuinely prayed that prayer, head over to this page to learn more about making a decision to be in a relationship with Jesus. He said, "Those who come to me shall never thirst....and I will in no means turn you away."


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