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Why Modesty?

Modesty is a lifestyle that honors God by protecting and covering our body because we were made in our Maker's image and He set us apart as His sacred vessels.  Sex dominates our culture and has corrupted our image and our nature. Our bodies are objectified and used for consumerism. I believe it is God's desire to see our feminine appeal restored to holiness.  Modesty also encourages us to spend less time on outer beauty and put emphasis on our inner beauty that is so precious to God.  It is a bold statement that sets us apart from the rest of the world. 

1 peter 3:3-4

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"Beauty is to be celebrated, not worshiped." - Jasmine C. Garner

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The Lover of your soul...

God is absolutely crazy about you. I wouldn't say this if it wasn't true. He made you and knows exactly why He put you on this earth. 

You never have to be confused, broken, or abandoned when there's a God who loves you. See for yourself what His redemptive plan is for your life! 


The music today has a huge impact on how we think about ourselves and others. The messages are often filled with misogyny, violence, and sexuality. What if we filled our minds with the Word of God AND encouraging music? What if our music uplifted women instead of tearing us down? The Founder spent two years curating a playlist of positive music that encourages women. She realized how confident and powerful she felt when she listened to better music. We hope you enjoy the playlist & help us add to it! 


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