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We are here to teach God's truth about modesty in a world that worships appearances. Because you are more than sex appeal, you are created in the image of God.

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What Does Modesty Mean?

Modesty is a fashion style and an inner virtue. To be modest means to be humble in spirit and to dress humbly in fashion. It means you're not dressing to draw attention to your body and sexuality, instead, you're dressing decently and with purity. 

We believe modesty is God's will for everyone and an antidote for body image issues. Millions of women with different backgrounds have practiced modesty to minimize body image anxiety and societal pressure about their appearance. 

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of women struggle with body image


of girls with low self-esteem engage in negative activities


girls feel they aren't good enough

Jasmine C. Garner Dual Certified Body Image and Self-Esteem Coach

Dual Certified Body Image & Self-Esteem Coach

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Hey! I'm Jasmine and welcome to The Modest Movement Ministry, the parent brand of Christian Body Image

I desire to help women and teens achieve body confidence, positive self-perception, and healthy self-esteem through biblical wisdom. I believe the most important thing we are missing in our self-care and self-love journies, is knowing the One who created us and learning His purpose for our existence. 

When we lack knowledge of God, we miss out on the freedom that only He can give us. Many are allowing media to influence how they see themselves, living on the opinions of others, and listening to their inner critic about why they aren't good enough. 

But this is not God's purpose and design. Jesus came to free us from destructive habits and patterns called sin so that we can have an abundant life. Freedom from body image issues and low self-esteem is possible through Christ!