We remind women and girls that they are created in the image of God. Many women today struggle with body image & self-esteem & we provide resources to help them heal.

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of women struggle with body image


of girls with low self-esteem engage in negative activities


girls feel they aren't good enough

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Hey! I'm Jasmine and welcome to The Modest Movement Ministry!

I'm a Mompreneur, Evangelist, a Certified Body Image & Self-Esteem Coach.  

It's my desire to help women and girls achieve a positive image and healthy self-esteem through biblical wisdom and to help us all detox from media influences. 

I believe that modesty is more than our clothes, but a heart posture that radiates on the outside. I pray that you'll find encouragement and healing through this ministry!

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You are more than sex appeal ❤

Studies show that most women who consume mainstream media put a greater emphasis on sexiness and overall appearance. It also shows that teens who watch reality TV find their outer appearance to be important. 


The Bible states in 1 Peter 3:3-4 that we should focus more on our inner beauty that is precious to God, rather than adorning and obsessing over what we see in the mirror. 

"Beauty is to be celebrated, not worshiped." - Jasmine C. Garner

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discipleship sharing the gospel

The Lover of your soul...

God is absolutely crazy about you. I wouldn't say this if it wasn't true. He made you and knows exactly why He put you on this earth. 

You never have to be confused, broken, or abandoned when there's a God who loves you. See for yourself what His redemptive plan is for your life! 

#More Than Sexy

The music today has a huge impact on how we think about ourselves and others. The messages are often filled with misogyny, violence, and sexuality. What if we filled our minds with the Word of God AND encouraging music? What if our music uplifted women instead of tearing us down? The Founder spent two years curating a playlist of positive music that encourages women. She realized how confident and powerful she felt when she listened to better music. We hope you enjoy the playlist & help us add to it! 


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