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What Is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD is a mental illness resulting in the obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in your body image. Body Dysmorphia comes from the term 'dysmorphophobia', the fear of having a deformity. 

Symptoms of Body Dysmorphia

How To Get Treatment for Body Dysmorphia

Those who think they may have body dysmorphic disorder are encouraged to seek help through a mental health professional. Licensed Mental Health Professionals are trained to access the symptoms, make a proper diagnosis, and create a plan for treatment. Search your healthcare directory for a professional covered by your insurance or use affordable services like BetterHelp. 


You can also hire a Body Image and Self-Esteem Coach but please note that coaches are not licensed and trained to treat mental illnesses. You may see both a Counselor and a Coach, a Counselor will help with diagnosis & treatment, while a Coach will help you create healthy habits for prevention and meeting your goals. 

Treatment Methods

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Known as CBT, this is one of the most effective talk therapy treatments, in which you will work with a professional to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

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